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Cruiz Emery


Cruiz Emery’s life stands as a testament to diversity and accomplishment. At his core, he is a devoted father and a committed husband. With pride in his stride, he is also a Navy Veteran, having honorably served his nation. Academically, Cruiz pursued and achieved an MBA from the University of South Carolina (U of SC). In the professional arena, he showcases his analytical expertise as a Financial Analyst at Collins Aerospace. Beyond this, his entrepreneurial flair is evident, as he owns and manages a thriving pharmacy. Across all aspects of his life, Cruiz consistently seeks excellence, fueled by a passion to create impactful change.


Fun Fact: Cruiz was named after a character from the hit soap opera ‘Santa Barbara’.


Kiera Emery

Pharmacist / Owner

Kiera Emery graduated from the University of South Carolina with her PharmD and MBA. Upon graduation, she went on to complete residency through the University of North Carolina. She is originally from Monroe, LA, but was a military brat and had the opportunity to live around the world before joining the military herself. Kiera enjoys spending time with her husband and two beautiful children. In addition to owning a pharmacy, Kiera and Cruiz run a successful supplement company, Dr. Emery’s Health Support!


Fun Fact:  Before becoming a pharmacist, I was an aviation electrician in the US Navy for 4 years. I was stationed in Lemoore, CA and during my two deployments, I had the opportunity to visit Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bahrain, and many more countries!


Brian Schu


Brian was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He moved to the Carolinas for college, pharmacy school, and to get away from the cold and has been here ever since. He has over 20 years of experience in retail pharmacy, is Nationally Board Certified in Medication Therapy Management, and consistently seeking additional resources to improve his understanding of pharmaceuticals.

Brian enjoys Sunday breakfast and hiking with his wife and son. He has two dogs, 10-year-old Hazel and 18-year-old Chance. Brian is an avid traveler; some of his favorite destinations include Madeira and Costa Rica.


Fun Fact:  Brian has been to Wembley Stadium to watch Tottenham Hotspur play.


Star Turner

Tech Pharmacist

Star was born in Charlotte, NC and was raised in Concord, NC. She has been a pharmacy technician for a year and a half with the goal of continuing her education to become a certified technician. Her overall goal is to become a compounding technician!


Fun Fact: Some fun facts about me are I currently have 11 pets which range from a dog to a chinchilla and I am the youngest of 5 girls. I also really enjoy writing while the rest of my family aren't big fans of it. I'm excited about my future at Medicap and as a pharmacy tech!!


Andy Crews

Tech Pharmacist

Andy is a Charlotte native. He has been at Medicap Pharmacy for a little over four years and loves the interaction with our patients. He went to Clemson University and then finished at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA. When he isn’t at work, he loves time with his family, even if they are middle school children (he is a big kid, himself)! He loves many types of music (sings and plays 7 instruments), and has acted in several Shakespeare plays and musicals.


Fun Fact:  Andy has his a masters degree in divinity.


Kimberly Poythress

Tech Pharmacist

Kimberly has been a certified pharmacy technician for 21 years. She is originally from Procious, WV. She is married with 4 children; Blake (20), Olivia (15) and twins Abi and Rachel (9). She enjoys spending time being silly with her family, singing karaoke, cooking and traveling.


Fun Fact: Kimberly is a former NPC women’s bodybuilding figure competitor.


Trevor Bumbarger

Delivery Driver

Trevor Bumbarger has been a delivery driver for Medicap for over 1 year. He loves his job—especially serving his patients and the local community. Trevor believes that each customer is special, wants everyone to know “It is so nice to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you more throughout my wonderful time at this pharmacy!”


Fun Fact: I am an autistic musical artist as well for my side job and love doing it.